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Reviews by Lucy Komisar


Bush is Bad -- Neal Mayer, Michael McCoy, Kate Baldwin, photo Carol Rosegg.
"Bush is Bad: the Musical Cure for the Blue-State Blues."
Music and lyrics by Joshua Rosenblum.
Directed and choreographed by Gary Slavin.
The Triad Theatre, 158 West 72 St.
Opened Sept. 29, 2005.
Reviewed by Lucy Komisar Sept. 29, 2005.
Closes Oct. 27, 2005.
(212) 352-3101 or http://www.theatermania.com.

Has the egregious incompetence and corruption of the Bush Administration got you down? Want to commiserate with some fellow citizens and also have a good time? The Triad, a cabaret that often features political revues, on Thursday nights presents three talented performers, Michael McCoy, Kate Baldwin and Neal Mayer, acting and singing Joshua Rosenblum's satiric commentary on the occupant of the White House.

There's some cleverness, but not much subtlety here. The first number is entitled, "How can 59 million people be so dumb?" A song called "New Hope for the Fabulously Wealthy" relates that "one minority group is overjoyed, their rights recognized: new hope for the fabulously wealthy, new hope for the ludicrously loaded." The company asks, "Who could use a boost more than a billionaire? Give the money to those who have the most experience spending it."

McCoy, Baldwin and Mayer praise "Good conservative values… like hatred of gays, preventing blacks from voting, running deficits of millions, legalization of handguns and defending of torture." They explain, "God wants us to torture our enemies, just don't take any pictures." And later, "What part of 'Thou shalt not kill don't you understand?'"

The gallery of villains includes the familiar: Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter ("the treasonous harpy of the radical right") and, a last minute news-maker addition, Tom Delay. Author-lyricist-computer Joshua Rosenblum says he'll put in new bits to follow the breaking news.

Among my favorites is Kate Baldwin playing Laura Bush in "Sure, You Betcha, Georgie," a takeoff on the Brecht-Weill "Surabaya Johnny" from "Mahagoney."

The three performers have good voices and appealing personalities. Michael McCoy, especially, radiates stage presence. The trio generates lots of laughs and even some cheers.

Lest anyone thing this revue is just kidding, the program lists websites dedicated to impeaching George Bush. [Komisar]

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