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Larry Litt

"Laura’s Bush"
By Jane Martin Vital Theater Company
432 West 42nd Street
Opened Mon. Oct. 11th, closes Oct. 24th
B/O 212.352.3101
Review by Larry Litt

Doesn’t everyone want to sleep with a member of America’s First Family? Except for Barbara Bush, isn’t there something about any and all of them that’s incredibly sexy and captivating? I remember fantasizing about Jackie Kennedy’s potential. so did everyone else I knew, even if they wouldn't admit it.

But more so, isn’t it a personal challenge for every real American to try and get by the Secret Service and police into the bedrooms of the President or First Lady or their hot young daughters? For sure, if it could be easily done, it wouldn’t be a fantasy.

In "Laura’s Bush" at the Vital Theater Company on Theater Row, a hustling dominatrix and a ditzy librarian figure figure out how to seduce the horribly lonely, whining Laura Bush. For her own sake, of course.

Jack Daniel Stanley’s direction activates a funny, topical satire that’s a send-up of the Rocky Horror Show genre along with a lesbian outing fling that titilates the prurient mind into thinking about the secret life of political wives. "Where’s Dubya?" Is the key question of this ribald romp. Just maybe he isn't needed anymore.

Sexily hefty and husky voiced Jane Aquilina as Desiree Jones dominates and is soon seduced by Dody Dodson, energetically played by Hilda Guttormsen as the repressed, closeted librarian who receives the knowing wink from Laura Le Bleu’s over sexed, madly horny Laura Bush. All three are an ensemble to reckon with as political satire players. They set back conservative women in politics at least fifty years to the Pat Nixon era. I hope we see them again.

Damion Luaiye uses his skilled comedic acting to double as the ghost of Bill Clinton and Colin Powell. Condi Rice gives actress Kristin Price a chance to be all that she can be. I loved Jane Martin’s fact paced, sexy script with its esoteric seduction jokes mixed with current political wit. The whole show is right on the money for this election season. [Litt]

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Copyright © 2004 Larry Litt


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