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New York International Fringe Festival

In and around TODO CON NADA, INC.
164 Ludlow Street and adjoining blocks; F train to Second Ave.
Weekdays, 3:30 p.m.-2 a.m.; weekends noon-2 a.m.
$11.00 to Free Admission
Opening: 8/19/98
Closing: 8/30/98
For more Fringe info try their website
Individual tickets $11; outdoor events free.

A NOTE ON USING THESE FRINGE LISTINGS: If you know the name of an artist or a show, you can use your browser's "find" function to skip to articles on any topic instead of scrolling down. Click the "FIND" button or drop down the "EDIT" menu and choose "FIND."

Fringe Venues
FringeNY Performances are staged at the following venues on Manhattan's Lower East Side:

COLL Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow Street
CONN The Connelly Theater, 220 East 4th Street (bet. Aves. A & B)
CONT Context, 28 Ave. A
EXPE Experimental Theater, Abrons Arts Center, Henry Street Settlement, 466 Grand Street
HARR Harry De Jur Playhouse, Henry Street Settlement, 466 Grand Street
HOUS House of Candles, 99 Stanton Street
KRAI The Kraine, 85 East 4th Street
MAZE The Mazer Theater, The Educational Alliance, 197 East Broadway
NADA Nada, Todo Con Nada, Inc., 167 Ludlow Street
PIAN The Piano Store, 158 Ludlow Street
RECI Recital Hall, Abrons Arts Center, Henry Street Settlement, 466 Grand Street
RED Red Room, 85 East 4th Street, 3rd Floor
STUD The Studio, The Educational Alliance, 197 East Broadway
SURF Surf Reality, 172 Allen Street, 2nd Floor
TENE The Tenement Theater, The Lower East Side Tenement Museum, 97 Orchard Street
THEA The Present Company Theatorium, 198 Stanton Street
UNIV University Settlement, 184 Eldridge Street

Advance tickets may be purhased by phone, 1-888-FringeNYC, or in person from Fringe Central, 145 Ridge St., between E. Houston and Stanton Sts. Tickets can also be purchased for cash only at each venue starting 15 minutes before each performance.

The following passes are also available: The Lunatic Pass: See it all for $350; get in to any show @ any time. The Flex Pass: Only $100, you can get in to see 10 shows. A savings of ten bucks. The Fiver Pass: Five shows for $50.




101st Congress of Unnatural Arts, Surf Reality's Producers Asyulm - New York, NY Comedy, TENE, Musical Performance

Ecstacy. Danger. Obsession. Mystery. Despair. Performance comedy that leaves teeth marks from the disturbed minds of Surf Reality. Audiences will be taken on a fantastic journey inside, outside and over the top. Experience it, but only if you think you can handle ideas of performance that transcend all formulas.

SURF Th 20 @ 8:15; Fri. 21 @ 9:30; Wed. 26 @ 10:15; Th 27 @ 10:45; Sat. 29 @ 9:00; Sun. 30 @ 6:00


1001 Nights, Flying Carpet Theater Company - New York, NY Comedy, Musical

Dir. Adam Koplan, Wri. Martin Coren

Blending masks, puppets, and a live calypso-jazz-funk band, the company creates bottled genies, ominous dungeons, endless oceans, and other colorful worlds. Adapted from several tales from Arabian Nights, this play captivates the imaginations of children and grown-ups alike.

CONN Th 20 @ 2:45p; Fri. 21 @ 3:15p; Sat. 22 @ 4:00p; Sun. 23 @ 11:15a; Mon. 24 @ 5:15p; Th 27 @ 4:45p; Fri. 28 @ 3:00; Sun. 30 @ 1:30p


3 Sisters in Search of a Cherry Orchard, Three Sisters - New York NY Comedy

Wri. Joe Borini

Three Russian sisters in mourning for their sex lives. Olga wants to save the Cherry Orchard. Masha wants to torch it and go to Moscow. Hoss wants to be comped @ Caesar's. Unearthed after decades in a Soviet vault, it's the draft Chekhov wrote after he started taking vodka and before he started taking himself seriously.

HARR Wed. 19 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 5:15p; Sun. 23 @ 3:30p; Wed. 26 @ 8:15p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 7:00p; Sun. 30 @ 1:15p


3 Stories to the Ground, Funkopolis - Baltimore MD Avant-Garde, Performance Art

Suicide? Accident? Murder? Inspired by the death of jazz legend Chet Baker, "3 Stories" is an atmospheric ride through nightclub fantasy and the culture of celebrity. An erotically-charged experience about the price of fame and the passions of art.

THEA Sat. 22 @ 7:30p; Sun. 23 @ 2:15p: Mon. 24 @ 10:30; Tues. 25 @ 8:45p; Fri. 28 @ 5:15p; Sat. 29 @ 11:15p


Abducted! Michael Belfiore - Brooklyn NY Drama, Solo

Dir. Sandi Carroll,

Wri. & Perf. Michael Belfiore

Abducted and forced to share a body, three men, two women, and an alien learn the true meaning of the word "togetherness." From their struggle for survival, a story emerges of secret government programs, a crashed UFO, and alien reproductive experiments.


PIAN Th 20 @ 7:45p; Sat. 22 @ 11:45; Mon. 24 @ 4:00p; Wed. 26 @ 7:30p; Th 27 @ 6:15p; Sat. 29 @ 7:00p; Sun. 30 @ 4:00p


Alice's Evidence, The International WOW Company - New York NY Drama, vant-Garde

Dir. Ellen Beckerman

Wonderland is a dangerous, slanted landscape of slamming doors and ticking clocks, where Alice fights a pedophiliac Caterpillar, tracks a hypochondriac White Rabbit, and is put on trial for being a seductress. Explosive, intensely physical, razor sharp, performed in the electric style of the International WOW Company with actors from Taiwan, Pakistan, Thailand and the USA.

HARR Fri. 21 @ 5:00p; Sat. 22 @ 7:00p; Sun. 23 @ 9:30p; Mon. 24 @ 9:30p; Th 27 @ 5:30p; Th 27 @ 10:45p; Fri. 28 @ 9:45p; Sat. 29 @ noon


All Talk, Todd Theater Troupe - Brooklyn NY Comedy, Avant-Garde Dir. Mervyn Willis

"Quiz Show" meets "Poverty Sucks" in "All Talk." Four GenX'ers, anxious to escape the monotony of their lives, concoct a plan to appear on a sexually-sensational daytime TV show that specializes in "confessions." Their lies about their sexual escapades are smelled out by the host, and the gambit is turned back on them.

RED Th 20 @ 9:45p; Sat. 22 @ 7:30p; Mon. 24 @ 7:45p; Tues. 25 @ 4:00p; Fri. 28 @ 3:45; Sat. 29 @ 4:15


... and the fear cracked open, Moxie Theatre -

Minneapolis MN Comedy

Wri. & Perf. Audrey Crabtree & Lynn Berg

A surrealistic, comic look @ Minnesotan couple's struggle to find companionship, sympathy and the "L" word. Film, puppetry, mask-work and musical composition lift the play above the realm of ordinary situational comedy. Button up!

COLL Wed. 19 @ 9:15p; Fri. 21 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 5:45p; Sun. 23 @ 3:45p; Tues. 25 @ 11:00p; Fri. 28 @ 10:00p; Sat. 29 @ 7:00p: Sun. 30 @ 2:00p


Antigone, The Brecht Centennial - South Pasadena CA Drama

Dir. Elizabeth Bell-Hayes, Wri. Bertolt Brecht

In it's original production, Brecht's Antigone was an uncompromising stand against repression in 1940s Nazi Germany. Set in 1989 Tiananmen Square, this highly physical and visceral production is a passionate outcry to the compromise-ridden 1990s.

STUD Wed. 19 @ 3:30p; Th 20 @ 5:45p; Fri. 21 @ 4:00p; Sun. 23 @ 7:00p; Tues. 25 @ 5:45p; Wed. 26 @ 9:00p; Th 27 @ 10:00; Sat. 29 @ 11:15p


Antigone Through Time, Mad Woman of the Woods - New York NY Drama, TENE, Classical

Thousands of Greek women of the resistance were held in camps, tortured and murdered by Greek fascists after WWII. These are their stories, poetry, and dreams, paralleled with Sophocles Antigone. Their courage, dignity, passion and defiance is shown through words, song and movement.

CONN Fri. 21 @ 6:45p; Sat. 22 @ 10:45p; Sun. 23 @ 10:15p; Tues. 25 @ 7:00p; Th 27 @ 9:15p; Fri. 28 @ 9:30p; Sat. 29 @ 1:45p


Baal, The Brecht Centennial - Brooklyn NY Drama, Comedy

Dir. Paul Zablocki, Wri. Bertolt Brecht

Sex. Booze. Poetry. Brecht's brilliantly provocative first play chronicles the birth, life, and death of a hedonistic songwriter/poet whose continual sexual conquests and alcoholic binges with a circle of parasites, lovers, and strangers leave him searching for more. Warning: Explicit Sexuality.

STUD Wed. 19 @ 10:00p; Th 20 @ 8:00p; Sun. 23 @ 9:15p; Mon. 24 @ 6:15p; Wed. 26 @ 3:30p; Fri. 28 @ 3:00p; Sun. 30 @ 3:00p


Backyard Stories, Yasmeen Godder & Marija Krtolica - International Dance, Drama, Performance Art

Chor. Yasmeen Godder/Marija Krtolica

A shared evening of dance, where the magical, surreal and absurd overpower reality. Premiered in Belgrade, it explores the personal and cultural nuances of their childhoods in Israel and Yugoslavia.

UNIV Th 20 @ 9:30p; Sun. 23 @ 2:00p; Mon. 24 @ 10:45; Wed. 26 @ 11:00p; Th 27 @ 4:15; Fri. 28 @ 7:00p; Sun. 30 @ 5:15


The Bald Soprano (24 Hours), Brat Productions - Philadelphia PA Comedy, Absurdist Theatre

Dir. Madi Distefano, Wri. Eugene Ionesco

The creator of the 1997 FringeNYC's cheerleading extravaganza, Eye-95, brings us a non-stop 24-hour version of Ionesco's absurdist masterpiece. The Bald Soprano presented in the fashion of 1950s black and white television comedy. The ultimate all-nighter stuck on continuous play. P.S. 122, 150 First Ave. @ Ninth St. Continuous performance, repeating every hour, Th 27 @ 8:00p to Fri. 28 @ 8:00p


The Bald Soprano, Ou L'Homme Anglais, Untitled Theater Co. #61 - New York NY Comedy, TENE

Dir. Edward Einhorn, Wri. Eugene Ionesco, Tran. Donald M. Allen

Ionesco's comedy about the impossibility of communication, now failing to communicate in two languages - English, and the original French. Guaranteed to be completely comprehensible to English speakers, and completely incomprehensible to French speakers - or vice versa.

TENE Th 20 @ 10:00p; Fri. 21 @ 11:30p; Mon. 24 @ 4:15p; Tues. 25 @ 6:15p; Wed. 26at 8:15p;

Sa 29 @ 7:15p; Sun. 30 @ 2:00p


Belly of the Whale, The Filling Station - New York NY Drama

Wri. & Dir. Scott Organ

Henry sells the panties that Laura wears on the billboards that rise above the city that Lily calls Gomorrah. Stu seeks the home in homeless; Jack sees salvation in flight. Who will get to New Mexico? The Filling Station and Drama Logue-award winning playwright Scott Organ (City) return to FringeNYC.

HOUS Wed. 19 @ 10:00p; Th 20 @ 4:00p; Fri. 21 @ 11:30p; Sun. 23 @ 7:00p; Mon. 24 @ 5:45p; Fri. 28 @ 10:00p; Sun. 30 @ noon


Ben Munisteri's Late-Night Sugar Flight, Ben Munisteri Choreography - New York NY Dance

An evening of sensual movement, unhesitating honesty, and serious, serious dancing. Originally commissioned by and premiered @ Performance Space 122 this winter, this show features some of New York's finest modern dancers including Lisa Wheeler, Tricia Brouk, and John Heginbotham.

UNIV Tues. 25 @ 10:30p; Wed. 26 @ 7:45p; Sat. 29 @ 10:00p


Bender, Eric Dyer - Brooklyn NY Avant-Garde

Dir. & Wir. Eric Dyer

Bender weaves through haunted, hullucinatory, aural ghostland, broadcasting (investigating?) a kidnapping. Nothing to be trusted. The perpetrator could be the cop who's out to frame him or his own trusted secretary. Or maybe they're victims? Or maybe it's that voice in his head...?

RED Sat. 22 @ 1:45p; Sun. 23 @ noon; Thu 27 @ 9:45p; Sat. 29 @ 7:00p


Big Night Out, Second Sun Theatre Co. - Saskatoon Canada, Comedy

Comedy Theatre from the North! Canada's Second Sun Theatre Co. makes their American debut, bringing an acclaimed collection of hilarious, quirky, clever, and poignant short plays. Brought to you by the people raised on cable TV and slurpees, "Big Night Out" takes a look @ love, life, and relationships. A must-see.

RED Th 20 @ 5:45p; Fri. 21 @ 11:30p; Sun. 23 @ 1:30p; Mon. 24 @ 4:00p; Wed. 26 @ 9:00p; Fri. 28 @ 10:45; Sun. 30 @ 2:15


Bing Bang Boom!, The Sackett Group, Inc. - Astoria NY Comedy

Amonia, Fern Globule and Madam Frau Frau take you through episodes of hilarious humanity in their clowning glory. In their quest for harmony, limited by mind and matter, these three delightful characters encourage the art of the belly laugh.

RED Wed. 19 @ 5:30p; Fri. 21 @ 7:30p; Sat. 22 @ noon; Tues. 25 @ 8:00p; Th 27 @ 11:00p; Sat. 29 @ 11:45


Black Paintings, Kairos Italy Theater Wri. Laura Caparrotti w/ Nuria Divi & Benedetta Capanna

Based on Goya's masterpieces, Black Paintings explores the journey into the dark side of the mind. In this multi-media performance, three characters go through Goya's art, playing both the role of victim and the role of prosecutor. We don't learn from history. The performance will be preceded by a 20-minute video excerpt from Calling the Gosths, a first-person account of two women caught in the Bosnia-Herzegovina war.

UNIV Fri. 28 @ 11:15p; Sun. 30 @ 3:45p

Blood, Reverie Productions - New York NY, Drama

Dir. Milos Mladenovic, Wri. Larry Kirwin

James Connolly, leader of the Irish Citizen Army, was abducted by the Irish Republican Brotherhood for four days in January 1916. His only comment was. "I have been through hell." What convinced him to join in their suicidal attempt to overthrow the British rule in Ireland? Rebellion makes for strange bedfellows.

EXPE Wed. 19 @ 4:00p; Th 20 @ 6:00p; Fri. 21 @ 11:30p; Sat. 22 @ 4:15p; Sun. 23 @ 7:30; Th 27 @ 11:15p; Sat. 29 @ 7:00p


A Book of Ruth, Green Highway Theater - Chicago IL, Drama

Wri. & Dir. Janel Winter

The biblical Book of Ruth's plot - Ruth abandons her homeland to live with her mother-in-law - has influenced ideas of womanly love and sacrifice for generations. "A Book of Ruth" reclaims this ancient story to explore definitions of family, fulfillment, and what women really want.

CONT Wed. 19 @ 8:30p; Fri. 21 @ 11:15p; Sun. 23 @ 5:30p; Tues. 25 @ 7:00p; Th 7 @ 11:30p; Sat. 29 @ 7:15p; Sun. 30 @ 2:45p


Brandon Teena, Brooklyn NY, Drama, Solo

Wri. & Dir. Leigh Silverman

Fall City, Nebraska. 1993. Brandon Teena was murdered in a brutal hate crime. He was 21 years old and anatomically female. This one-person play examines the courageous true story of Brandon Teena, a boy who believed in his identity, not his anatomy.

HOUS Fri. 21 @ 9:45p; Mon. 24 @ 4:00p; Tues. 25 @ 7:45p; Wed. 26 @ 6:15p; Th 27 @ 7:45p; Fri. 28 @ midnight; Sat. 29 @ 2:15p


Brown and Black and White All Over, Antonio Sacre - Chicago, IL Drama Solo Performance Story Telling

Best in Fringe Festival Award for excellence in acting in 1997 FringeNYC for his performance in The Hick, the Spic and the Chick, Sacre this year presents a consciousness-raising ritual performance offering insight into the lives and plights of gang and non-gang youth that incorporates poetry, song, drumming, fire, shrine, story and silence.

RED Th 20 @ 11:30p; Sun. 23 @ 3:30p; Mon. 24 @ 9:30p; Wed. 26 @ 5:30p; Fri. 28 @ 7:00p; Sat. 29 @ noon; Sun. 30 @ 6:00p


Brown and Blue, New York NY Avant-Garde, Comedy, Solo

Performed & Created Jamie R. Sneider

Meet Mr. Shit, Princess Poopsy Raisinette, Evil/Satin Shit, the Mad-Toilet Seat, Bad Hello-Kitty and others in a performance that careens between comedy and tragedy. It's about what stains you, what marks you, that thing you doo. Brown and Blue.

KRAI Wed. 19 @ 4:00p; Th 20 @ mid; Sat. 22 @ 10:45p; Mon. 24 @ 9:00p; Th 27 @ 5:45p; Sat. 29 @ mid


Burn Manhattan Spontaneous Theater, Burn Manhattan - New York NY Improvisation, Comedy, Drama

Winners of the 1997 New York Improvisational Festival's Team Competition. A collective of five performers, one director, a musician and a lighting designer. What they do is called spontaneous theater; that is theater without a script, without a plan, every night different. It's funny, it's frightening, it's theater without a net. It's something that must be seen to believed - not because there is no script, but because you'd never know it if we didn't tell you.

HOUS Th 20 @ 6:15p; Sat. 22 @ 12:15p; Tues. 25 @ 9:30p; Wed. 26 @ 4:30p; Th 27 @ 11:00p; Sat. 29 @ 9:00p


The Case of Fraulein von R. by Sigmund Freud, The Id Company - New York, NY Drama

Adap. & Dir. by Garrett Bligh Eisler

The true story of a smart young woman trapped in a dysfunctional family and a repressive society. The patient and her family re-enact the history of her neuroses over sex, death, and forbidden love. Follow Dr. Freud on the trail of the unconscious in this fast -paced, gripping detective story.

TENE Fri. 21 @ 6:00p; Sat. 22 @ 2:15p; Sun. 23 @ 7:00p; Wed. 26 @ 6:15p; Fri. 28 @ 6:00p; Sat. 29 @ 9:00p; Sun. 30 @ 3:45p


$CasinoAmerica$, Jose Torres Tama - New Orleans LA

TENE, Performance Art

New Orleans performance artist Jose Torres Tama examines a culture that glorifies greed and instant gratification. Combining metaphoric prose, movement, and incantations, he delivers his satirical drama as "El Mephisto Moderno," enticing you to "just give sleaze a chance."

NADA Th 20 @ 9:45p; Sat. 22 @ 7:30p; Mon. 24 @ 7:45p; Tues. 25 @ 4:00p; Wed. 26 @ 7:15p; Th 27 @ 7:30p; Fri. 28 @ 5:15p; Sat. 29 @ 4:15p


THE CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE, The Versuche Ensemble - New York NY Drama, Comedy, Musical

Considered to be one of Brecht's masterpieces, The Caucasian Chalk Circle was written during Brecht's exile in the United States. The Versuche Ensemble's production will be a journey told through the traditions of storytelling, including vaudeville, puppet theater, silent film, street theater, percussion and music.

MAZE Wed. 19 @ 3:15p; Sat. 22 @ 9:00p; Sun. 23 @ 9:30p; Mon. 24 @ 6:30p; Wed. 26 @ 8:15p; Fri. 28 @ 3:00p


Circus of the Damned, Hoffenrich - Astoria NY Comedy, Performance Art

An outrageous, offensive example of the disrespect that young people have for our nation's worthy institutions. This company needs to learn that there is nothing funny about defecation, genitals, or the Disney corporation. Boycott this show.

SURF Wed. 19 @ 6:00p; Th 20 @ mid; Fri. 21 @ 6:00p; Sat. 22 @ 2:00p; Tues. 25 @ 4:30p; Wed. 26 @ 8:15p; Sat. 29 @ 11:00p; Sun. 30 @ 4:00p


Cleopatra: An Optical Illusion, Vanishing Point Productions - New York NY TENE, Performance Art, Solo

Dir. Rebecca Groves Wri. Gita Srinivasan

A one-woman epic of seductive proportions: Cleopatra's legend and the persistence of visions. It pulsates! It croons and whistles! 'Tis a strange serpent... "Eros! Eros! It beggared all description!" - The Evening Eunuch.

HOUS Wed. 19 @ 7:45p; Sat. 22 @ 9:00p; Sun. 23 @ 3:45p; Tues. 25 @ 5:30p; Sat. 29 @ noon; Sun. 30 @ 4:30p


Clowning the Bard, Six Figures - New York NY, Comedy

The company's challenge and delight is to present the entire Shakespeare oeuvre in an hour and 15 minutes. This is truly reduced Shakespeare. With the help of some Ringling Clown College alums, they will clown through the Bard's tragedies, comedies and histories BUT only one sonnet.

RECI Sat. 22 @ 11:00p; Mon. 24 @ 9:45p; Tues. 25 @ 9:00p; Th 27 @ 3:30; Fri. 28 @ 8:30p; Sat. 29 @ 12:15p; Sun. 30 @ 4:00p


Comas Don't Count (If You're An Insomniac), New York NY, Drama, Comedy, Dance

Wri. & Dir. Steven Tanenbaum

A "stand-up drama." Rachel Arieff plays a chronic insomniac who can only sleep in two formats: VHS and Super 8. She spends her wide-awake nights watching looped videotapes of her eyes spinning during the REM cycle; drinking mind-altering Chinese herbal potions and futilely trying to get past page eight of Moby Dick; with the hope that she can attain her elusive dream: a good night's sleep.

SURF Wed. 19 @ 11:45p; Fri. 21 @ 8:00p; Mon. 24 @ 6:15p; Tues. 25 @ 8:00p; Fri. 28 @ mid; Sat. 29 @ 4:00p


Dave Mowers Memorized the 4 Quartets, New York NY Comedy, Poetry, Improvisation

Cre. Dave Mowers

The improvised rant of a plain white guy: subway sounds and Eliot fragments punctuate this solo slam giving equal weight to the questions: "How do I kill Time?" and "Do you think I'm fat?" Not Cats. Different every night.

RECI Wed. 19 @ 3:45p; Th 20 @ 6:00p; Fri. 21 @ 11:45p; Sat. 22 @ 4:00p; Mon. 24 @ 5:45p; Th 27 @ 7:15p; Sat. 29 @ 7:00p


Dirty Laundry, Brooklyn NY Drama, Comedy, Solo

Wri. & Perf. Mary Lovitch

Fifteen-year-old Alicia Rosen thinks life in suburban New Jersey totally sucks. And when you meet her dysfunctional family, you'll see why. "Lovitch creates a truly frightening portrait of a bad-girl teen @ the end of her rope." - The Philadelphia Inquirer.

SURF Wed. 19 @ 8:00p, Sat. 22 @ 11:00p; Sun. 23 @ 1:00p; Mon. 24 @ 11:00p; Wed. 26 @ 4:15p; Th 27 @ 5:30p; Fri. 28 @ 10:00p; Sat. 29 @ 1:45p


Dog King, Los Angeles CA Dance, Drama, Avant-Garde

Perf. Lori Tilkin

He thought they were all out to eat him - and he was right! A one-woman show fusing theatre and dance in a bi-lingual interpretation of the Chinese literary masterpiece, Diary of a Madman.

UNIV Wed. 19 @ 8:00p; Th 20 @ 6:30p; Fri. 21 @ 10:45p; Sun. 23 @ 12:30p; Sun. 23 @ 9:30p; Mon. 24 at9:15p; Tues. 25 @ 5:45p; Wed. 26 @ 4:00p


Doughboy - The Filling Station, New York, NY Drama

Wri. Heather MacDonald

Caught amidst the propaganda and political rhetoric of 1917, a simple American boy goes to fight the First World War. Dolls, Spads, and drunken Yanks greet him in France. Not until battle does the boy discover a voice of his own. Based on diaries and letters of American soldiers in WWI.

EXPE Th 20 @ 9:45p; Sun. 23 @ 2:30p; Wed. 26 @ 8:00p; Fri. 28 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 8:15p; Sun. 30 @ 5:30p


Doug Hamby Dance & Steve Bradley, Intermedia Artist - Silver Spring MD Dance, Multi-Media

Features modern dance works that explore the rich intersection of dance and technology. The Washington Post said "performed knowingly, bravely, with a heated sultriness rarely seen in the ethos of modern dance."

UNIV Wed. 19 @ 6:00p; Th 20 @ 11:00p; Fri. 21 @ 7:15p; Sat. 22 @ 2:00p; Sun. 23 @ 5:00p


Drama, Emergency Performance Group - New York NY Performance Art

A cacophony of images: sexual, sensual, cerebral, emotional and humorous. Through moving images, scenes, and short vignettes, the actors weave the thread of life for you to interpret. Tim Mendes (Mastermind), in collaboration with the cast, has created this piece by workshopping images and text. The outcome is an engaging collage of movement with themes ranging from incest to addiction.

RED Wed. 19 @ 3:45p; Th 20 @ 7:45p; Sat. 22 @ 11:00p; Sun. 23 @ 6:00p; Mon. 24 @ 11:00p; Wed. 26 @ 4:00p; Fri. 28 @ 8:45p; Sun. 30 @ 12:15p


Dream @ the End of the World, Inspiration Conspiracy - Brooklyn NY Drama, Solo

Wri. & Perf. Nathaniel Eaton

The hilarious and sometimes tragic monologue of one man's mad adventure through the deserts, drugs, and mayhem of Morocco. A journey involving hash filled sex parlors, snake charmers, veiled women, and one-eyed hustlers. "The Best Short Play in America!" - The Kennedy Center.

RED Thu 20 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 9:15p; Mon. 24 @ 6:00p; Wed. 26 @ 7:15p; Fri. 28 @ 5:15p; Sun. 30 @ 4:15


Drums in the Night, The Brecht Centennial - New York NY, Drama, Comedy, Classical

Wri. Bertolt Brecht

Brecht's second play, and his first critical success. Written when Brecht was 21 years old, the play is an astonishing testament to his early genius, and foreshadows many of the techniques, dialectical themes and social concerns he would explore throughout his career.

AUDI Wed. 19 @ 9:45p; Sun. 23 @ 6:30p; Mon. 24 @ 3:30p; Tues. 25 @ 6:30p; Wed. 6 @ 3:30p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 9:00p


Evening Walk, 3 Noses Theater Company - Elmhurst NY, Drama

Wri. Teresa Marichal

The story of two women confronting each other (and themselves) about the natural state of womanhood and what society expects a woman should be. A writer and a mother become one as they find out that their story, like their struggle as women, does not have an end. Theatrical movement, Caribbean rhythms and a surprising finale make this production a hallucinating metaphor about friendship, pride and self-reconciliation.

HARR Sat. 22 @ 9:00p; Sun. 23 @ 5:00p; Tues. 25 @ 10:30p; Wed. 26 @ 4:00p; Th 27 @ 9:15p; Fri. 28 @ 5:30p; Sat. 29 @ 4:45p


Faith, Hope & Charity, Pittsburg Classical Repertory Theatre - Summit NJ Drama, Classical

Dir. Carl Forsman, Wri. Odon von Horvath,

Tran. Christopher Hampton

Pittsburg Classical Repertory Theatre presents von Horvath's classic study of a young girl trying to survive as life and country collapse around her. A cast of seventeen provides an epic look @ life in Weimar Germany. With Ana Reeder, Francesca diMauro, Glenn Kessler, Susan Blackwell, James Hay. Sets by Anne Brahic. Lights by Josh Bradford. Costumes by Theresa Squire.

CONT Sat. 22 @ 8:15p; Mon. 24 @ 7:15p; Tues. 25 @ 10:45; Wed. 26 @ 9:45p; Sat. 29 @ 9:30p; Sun. 30 @ 5:00p


Fernando Krapp Wrote Me This Letter, Danube River Theatre Project - Berkeley CA Drama, Dance

wri. Tankred Dorst and Ursula Ehler;

dir. Christian Heppinstall; chor. Marilyn K. Miller

Analyzes the obsessive marriage of Julia and Fernando; love should never be this sick. The NYC premiere.

UNIV Sat. 22 @ 7:30p; Mon. 24 @ 4:00p; Tues. 25 @ 4:00p; Th 27 @ 8:45p; Fri. 28 @ 5:00p; Sat. 29 @ 2:00p


Film Is Evil, Radio Is Good, Todo Con Nada, Inc. - New York, NY Avante Garde Classic

Wri. Richard Foreman, Dir. Ian W. Hill

Ian W. Hill, the creator of the Richard Foreman Festival (No Strings Attached : Mind Attack!), leads Todo Con Nada's acting pool in a poetic metaphysical examination of artistic media as the last filmmaker on Earth tries to hold his own against the radio station owner who holds him captive. A Richard Foreman classic.

NADA Wed. 19 @ 7:15p; Fri. 21 @ 5:45p; Sat. 23 @ 9:00p; Tues. 25 @ 9:45p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 8:30p; Sun. 30 @ 12:30p


The Forced Marriage, The Commedia Co. - Jersey City NJ Comedy

A group of professional actors who use authentic commedia leather masks to create their characters. The Commedia Co. is full of positive spirit and energy, the mask characters are expressively rich on a high physical level and the interaction with the audience and the knockabout humor of Molière's most neatly executed one act comedies, is a fun theatrical experience for all.

RECI Th 20 @ 4:15p; Sun. 23 @ 9:30p; Tues. 25 @ 11:00p; Wed. 26 @ 6:15p; Th 27 @ 5:30p; Fri. 28 @ 10:30p; Sun. 30 @ 6:00p


The Forest, Stari Theatre - Cambridge MA Comedy, TENE, Classical

Dir. Oleg Kheyfets, Wri. Alexander Ostrovsky

In Alexander Ostrovsky's comedy, an impoverished tragedian returns to his affluent childhood home to discover a world of play-acting, where the inhabitants vie for power, sex, and money behind the masks of domestic civility. Renowned Russian director Oleg Kheyfets directs this inventive production in which five actors scramble to play 12 roles.

CONN Wed. 19 @ 7:00p; Fri. 21 @ 8:45p; Sun. 23 @ 6:00p; Tues. 25 @ 9:00p; Wed. 26 @ 5:15p ; Sat. 29 @ 3:45p; Sun. 30 @ 3:30p


Fourplay, Azzizz Theatre - Brooklyn NY Movement, Comedy

Music by John Akin, Jr.

Four seasons. Four personal ads. Four blind dates. Ready for some FourPlay? Looking for love? A discreet encounter? Cindy searches for both on the pages of the personals. FourPlay is a wild mix of theatre, dance, comedy and controversy.

HARR Wed. 26 @ 5:30p; Th 27 @ 7:30p; Fri. 28 @ 11:30p; Sat. 29 @ 10:00p; Sun. 30 @ 2:45p


Get Outta Here, The Guten Jungs - Germany Comedy

Wri. Georg Koeniger & Andrew Stanley

"It's like, you know,... I don't know,... know what I mean?", well known German comedian Georg Koeniger asked two years ago. Video artist and actor Andrew Stanley knew the answer. Result: Get Outta Here, a comedy that integrates the humor of two continents and combines theater, video art and street performance style. "Outrageously funny and also very deep," wrote the Munich Times. Parental advisory: This play contains words and ideas. It will make you think about stuff and things.

TENE Th 20 @ 4:30p; Sat. 22 @ 10:30p; Sun. 23 @ 2:15p; Mon. 24 @ 10:00p; Th 27 @ 6:15p; Fri. 28 @ 9:45p; Sun. 30 @ noon


Gizmos, Gadgits, Laughs & Lies, Russ Merlin Productions - West Hempstead NY Comedy, Performance Art, Solo

Perf. Russ Merlin

What do you get when you combine hysterical comedy, the excitement of a sporting event, and the world's most unusual audience participation stunts? Performance Artist, Russ Merlin brings his offbeat theatrical experience to FringeNYC. The Times said it best: "Hysterical!"

KRAI Wed. 19 @ 8:00p; Fri. 21 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 8:45p; Tues. 25 @ 6:30p; Th 27 @ 9:15p; Sun. 30 @ 5:30p


Goddesses, Mia and Makiko Improvisation - Brooklyn NY Drama, Avant-Garde, Improvisation

Butoh-inspired dancer Makiko fuses energy and improvisation with free-style jazz harpist Mia Theodoratus for a spiritual dancing between life and death. The result is a vivid combination of chance and accidental fantasy that pulls the audience into another world.

UNIV Fri. 21 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 4:00p; Mon. 24 @ 6:00p; Tues. 25 @ 7:30p; Fri. 28 @ 10:00p; Sat. 29 @ 12:45p


The Golden Door, Todo Con Nada, Inc. - New York, NY Drama

Wri. Sylvia Reagan, Dir. Jean Randich

Sylvia Reagan's 1940 Broadway classic investigates the legacy of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire on a Jewish Immigrant family living @ Orchard and Broome. Jean Randich directs an impeccable ensemble in Todo Con Nada's inaugural Tenement Theater production. A project in collaboration with the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

TENE Wed. 19 @ 8:00p; Wed. 19 @ 10:15p; Sun. 23 @ 4:15p; Th 27 @ 4:00; Th 27 @ 10:15p; Fri. 28 @ 7:30p


The Gospel of Cyrus, According to Cyrus, Cyrus and His Band - Brooklyn NY Avant Garde, Cabaret

Dir. Alyse Rothman, Wri. Chris Talbot

Possessed by the swollen writ of a powerful leader, with a quality akin to delerious tremors, these performers (with guitar, mandolin, flute, mouth harp, whiskey and song) will take you through a musical liturgy somewhere between the counties of mountain gospel and funk.

EXPE Th 20 @ 4:15p; Fri. 21 @ 10:00p; Sun. 23 @ 9:00p; Tues. 25 @ 10:45p; Wed. 26 @ 6:15p; Th 27 @ 8:00p; Sun. 30 @ 1:45p


Gospel Truth Family Hour, One Arm Red - New York NY Musical Theatre

Baby Dick Jr. invites you on a journey to love & redemption in this Texas-style rock opera where the most intimate portraits of the Dick Love family reveal a path to salvation. Not for the faint of heart, this multi-media event brings the revival tent to town in a revelatory hour of music and memory!

KRAI Th 20 @ 9:30p; Sat. 22 @ noon; Sun. 23 @ 1:45p; Tues. 25 @ 10:45p;

F 28 @ 5:45p; Sat. 29 @ 7:15p


Gotraheen (A View From the Bridge), Nandikar - Queens Village NY Drama Performed in Bengali

Dir. Rudraprasad Sengupta

Where uptown meets downtown, New York meets L.A. A story about a dock-worker - a story which refuses to be pigeon-holed, socially, morally or aesthetically, into any conventional genre.

HARR Wed. 19 @ 9:15p; Th 20 @ 5:00p; Fri. 21 @ 7:00p; Sat. 22 @ noon; Mon. 24 @ 6:30p; Tues. 25 @ 3:00p


Grethel's Anger, Theater of Movements and Images - Brooklyn NY Movement

Cre. Mie Makishima

Grethel's Anger explores the sources of anger stemming from the primal relationships of childhood. Grethel's Anger rattles the old family skeleton. Weaving movement and text together through improvization and working with musicians and visual artists, she explores the family dynamics: the love and hate, affection and anger of those ties together by blood. THEA W19 @ midnight, TH 20 @ 4:00 pm, SUN 23 @ midnight, TUES 25 @ midnight, WED 26 @ 6:15P, THUR 27 @ 2:00p.


HamletMachine, CrashBox & Faux Real Theatre Company - Astoria NY Drama, Avant-Garde, Performance Art

Dir. Don Downie, Wri. Heiner Muller

NYC's Faux Real Theatre Company and Detroit's crashBox shatter the Twentieth Century with Heiner Muller's HamletMachine. Shakespeare, The Modern Era, and Detroit collide in the Rock and Roll Theatre experience featuring original Detroit Techno music score by Derrick May.

EXPE Wed. 19 @ 5:30p; Fri. 21 @ 8:15p; Sat. 22 @ 12:30p; Sun. 23 @ 4:45p; Mon. 24 @ 3:45p; Th 27 @ 9:45p; Sat. 29 @ 4:15p


Hansel & Gretel, Small Dog Productions - New York, NY Puppetry, Music

Kids love candy. Candy makes kids fat. Witches love kids fat. Alone in the forest, Hansel and Gretel set out on a journey only to be confronted by a candy-toting witch! A hilarious cautionary tale for kids of all ages! With puppets.

CONT Th 20 @ 3:45; Fri. 21 @ 5:45; Sat. 22 @ noon; Mon. 24 @ 5:30p; Wed. 26 @ 3:00p; Th 27 @ 5:45p; Sat. 29 @ noon; Sat. 29 @ 5:30p


He Drives Out a Devil and Lux In Tenebris, The Brecht Centenial - Chicago IL Comedy

Dir. Robert Barrie

Wri. Bertolt Brecht

It's all about sex. Chicago's low-tech/high energy Billy Goat Experiment ensemble performs two of Brecht's satirical folk comedies. First a farmer tries to keep his daughter uncorrupted, and then an entrepreneur tries selling VD without the sex.

STUD Wed. 19 @ 8:00p; Th 20 @ 11:15p; Sat. 22 @ 9:00p; Sun. 23 @ noon; Mon. 24 @ 9:30p; Tues. 25 @ 10:15p; Th 27 @ 3:30p


The Hero, The Villain, The Empress & Her Dog, Rough & Tumble Theatre Company - Boston MA Comedy

Boston's Rough & Tumble Theatre proudly presents The Hero, The Villain, The Empress & Her Dog, a play for children performed entirely in gibberish. Chase scenes, slow-motion scenes, a monster with tin-foil antlers, various inept guards and a thrilling rescue.

CONN Wed. 19 @ 3:30p; Th 20 @ 5:30p; Sat. 22 @ noon; Sun. 23 @ 2:00p; Tues. 25 @ 3:30p; Th 27 @ 3:15p; Fri. 28 @ 5:30p; Sun. 30 @ noon


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig, Esperance Theatre Company - New York NY Comedy

Dir. Adam Rapp, Wri. Jason McCullough

The story of a recently married couple whose idealistic notions of domesticity are challenged by an eccentric friend who refuses to play by societies rules. A seemingly innocuous dinner party takes a sinister turn as the friend forces the couple to reconsider their responsibilities to themselves and each other. Their safe little world degenerates into a morally barren war zone.

RECI Wed. 19 @ 9:30p; Fri. 21 @ 3:30p; Sat. 22 @ 6:15p; Sun. 23 @ noon; Mon. 24 @ 7:15p; Tues. 25 @ 6:30p; Sat. 29 @ 10:45p


Hoover Sucks, New York NY Comedy, Multi-Media, Solo

Valorie Hubbard, Dir. Scott Pegg

A neurotic young gay boy with cross-dressing tendencies, raised by a fanatically religious mother, grows up to become one of the century's most powerful leaders, forming a secret-police force and persecuting thousands of people. Your typical all-American tale as told by one actress, a few puppets and some video.

COLL Thu 20 @ 11:30p; Fri. 21 @ 9:45p; Sat. 22 @ noon; Wed. 26 @ 8:00p; Fri. 28 @ 6:00p; Sat. 29 @ 2:15p; Sun. 30 @ 5:45p


How (And Why), Real Deal Productions - Brooklyn NY Drama

Dir. Evan Lerner, Wri. Errol Selkirk

You say more than you want to say. He hears more than he should've heard. Now only one will leave alive. On a day when 24 people are massacred on a train, who'd guess you'd finally meet the Real Deal.

PIAN Th 20 @ 5:45p; Sat. 22 @ 9:45p; Sun. 23 @ noon; Tues. 25 @ 8:30; Th 27 @ 10:30p; Sat. 29 @ 3:45; Sun. 30 @ 2:00p


The Hungry Girls - A Fairy Tale, Collision Theory - Brooklyn NY Avant-Garde, Physical

Conceived, Adapted & Created by

Stephanie Gilman & Kristin Tanzer

"With their gaping mouths and their jagged teeth, grapping and stuffing their filthy cheeks ..." Eleven-person movement-theater ensemble creates this carnival-esque, feral world filled with grotesque caricatures, mad chants and crazy dances. Original piece based on Patricia Eakins' The Hungry Girls (c.1998).

KRAI Wed. 19 @ 10:00p; Fri. 21 @ 6:00p; Sun. 23 @ 4:15p; Tues. 25 @ 8:30p; Wed. 26 @ 4:00p; Fri. 28 @ 3:30p; Sat. 29 @ 9:45p


The Husbands: An Account of Books 3-4 of Homer's Iliad, Verse Theater Manhattan - New York NY Drama, Poetry, Multi-Media Wri. Christopher Logue, Dir. Elysa Marden.

This latest installment in the British poet's celebrated "account" of Homer's Iliad tells the epic struggle for the most beautiful woman of antiquity. A world premiere from an innovative company devoted exclusively to verse drama. "[Logue's Homer is] one of the major poetic enterprises of our era." - Agenda.

CONT Fri. 21 @ 7:15p; Sat. 22 @ 10:45p; Wed. 26 @ 7:30p; Th 27 @ 9:15p; Fri. 28 @ 11:30p; Sun. 30 @ 12:30p


I Took Your Name, etcetera - Toronto Canada Drama, Comedy, Solo

Dir. Per Brask, Wri. & Perf. Michael Nathanson

Fame: We all want it. And you're got it. A famous name. You're Michael Stipe. The Michael Stipe. Only problem is: Nobody believes you're him. The "brilliant" one man show about celebrity, identity and the search for a slow dance.

PIAN Wed. 19 @ 6:45p; Fri. 21 @ 10:30p; Sat. 22 @ 2:45p; Sun. 23 @ 9:15p; Tues. 25 @ 4:00p; Fri. 28 @ 5:45; Sat. 29 @ 9:15p; Sun. 30 @ 6:15


Ian Fleming Presents Steve Gallin in Nobody Dies Forever, Astoria NY Drama, Comedy, Performance Art

Dir. & Wri. Eric Winick

Real estate developer ... or British Secret Service operative? This new mystery-thriller poses the question, meshing the stranger-than-fiction tale of suburban rogue Steve Gallin with a wild, action-packed panoply of James Bondian hijinks and derring-do.

CONT Wed. 19 @ 6:45p; Fri. 21 @ 9:30p; Sun. 23 @ 10:30p; Tues. 25 @ 9:15p; Th 27 @ 7:30p; Fri. 28 @ 9:45p; Sat. 29 @ mid


If Love Be the Food of Musick, Oakland CA Classical, Solo

Perf. Zoe Vandermeer

A one-woman tragic music-drama that reveals a heart-rending tale of love, betrayal, revenge and madness, through song, harpsicord and Baroque triple harp, with spoken texts from the 17th and 18th centuries delivered in English and Scots dialects. A moving portrayal of 18th-century sense and sensibility.

CONN Th 20 @ 7:00p; Sat. 22 @ 6:00p; Mon. 24 @ 7:15p; Wed. 26 @ 9:30p; Th 27 @ 6:45p; Fri. 28 @ 7:00p; Sat. 29 @ 10:00p


The Importance of Being Earnest, Wild at Last - New York NY Drama, Comedy, Performance Art

Adpt. & Dir. Hugh Hysell

Wild @ Last Productions presents an All-Male production of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. Set in modern day Chelsea and The Hamptons, rich gay men lie, cheat, and assume false identities to marry the men they love.

RED Wed. 19 @ 10:30p; Fri. 21 @ 9:15p; Sun. 23 @ 8:00p; Tues. 25 @ 5:45p; Thu 27 at7:30p; Sat. 29 @ 2:00p


In Which Pier Paolo Pasolini Sees His Own Death In the Face of a Boy, Agenda - New York, NY Drama

Dir. Larry Geddes, Wri. Sky Gilbert

A Defacement in the Form of a Play. Rome, 1975. Italy's controversial filmmaker and poet Pier Pasolini shops the Eternal City's lurid streets. He meets a questionable boy. Will the boy provide sexual deliverance, or is he an Angel of Death? They order a pizza.

THEA Wed. 19 @ 6:00p; Th 20 @ 10:00p; Fri. 21 @ 8:00p; Sat. 22 @ 12:30p; Tues. 25 @ 11:00p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 4:30p


The Interpreter of Horror, Pondicherry Productions - New York NY Comedy

Dir. Carolyn Rendell, Wri. Kelly Stuart

New York premeire of a sassy, wickedly funny play by Kelly Stuart (author of Playwrights Horizons' 1996 hit Demonology). A wild, edgy, surreal comdedy about two coffee-shop waitresses whose careers and personal lives send them whirling over the edge. "Welcome a fresh, quirky and hilarious new voice to the American Theater. That name is Kelly Stuart...." - Jaques Le Sourd, Gannet.

KRAI Th 20 @ 6:00p; Sat. 22 @ 7:00p; Sun. 23 @ noon; Mon. 24 @ 7:15p; Th 27 @ 11:15p; Sat. 29 @ 5:00


Intervals, Lapis Lazuli - New York NY Poetry, TENE, Performance Art

Dir. & Wri. Jenny Schwartz

An explosion of the space between words and meaning and thought and feeling and time and trees and people. Set to original music by New Orleans solo pianist Seth Kaufman.

COLL Th 20 @ 5:45p; Fri. 21 @ mid; Sun. 23 @ 1:45p; Mon. 24 @ 9:30p; Wed. 26 @ 5:45p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 10:45p


Iris K.O., The Flag Hags - Drama, Performance Art, TENE

Using Navigational Rules, the International Code of Signals and the Semaphore flag system as source texts, the Hags explore concepts of visibility and navigation in a suggested maritime setting.

EXPE Wed. 19 @ 7:15p; Sat. 22 @ 11:15p; Mon. 24 @ 10:00p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Fri. 28 @ 6:15p; Sat. 29 @ 2:15p; Sun. 30 @ 3:30p


Islands of Repair, Three Crows Theatre - New York NY Drama

Dir. Lisa Berger, Wri. Leslie Bramm

And after fleshy scandal

and after this world's night

and after storm and whirlwind

is calm and joy and light.

Bernard of Morlaix...BC.

NADA Th 20 @ 5:45p; Sat. 22 @ 5:00p; Sat. 22 @ 9:15p; Mon. 24 @ 5:45p; Wed. 26 @ 9:00p; Fri. 28 @ 10:45p; Sun. 30 @ 2:15p


Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica Avenue Project - New York NY Drama

Dir. Sonoko Kawahara, Wri. Chiori Miyagawa

Jamaica Avenue is a story about three beings: a man, a spirit who comes back as a woman, and a woman who becomes a ghost. They live this life and beyond, connected by a web of love, disappointments, and hope.

HOUS Sat. 22 @ 3:45p; Sun. 23 @ 9:15p; Tues. 25 @ 3:00p; Fri. 28 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 10:45p; Sun. 30 @ 2:15p


Keeper, Beekeeper - Brooklyn NY Drama, Performance Art

Chor. Jordana Toback, Music "Beekeeper"

"Keeper" combines the choreographic talents of the "supremely theatrical" Jordana Toback with the "powerful, bittersweet original songs" of "Beekeeper" in a bold and unpredictable performance piece integrating music and dance. Louis Scheeder directs, Karen Kimmel designs the costumes, dancers take the microphone and musicians pirouette as the rock star is challenged by the artist ... and vice versa!

UNIV Th 27 @ 7:30p; Sat. 29 @ 8:45p; Sun. 30 @ 12:45p and 6:30


Ken Sippillary's Harsh Epiphany, Lester Bang Presents... - New York NY Comedy

Pro. Lester Bang & Ken Sippillary

Your Life will change forever. Producer Lester Bang presents Todo Con Nada's own "Life Coach Ken 'Thriving at Rock Bottom' Sippillary!" Go to your dark place! Stay there! Bitterness works! Shame is strength! Heaven is a lie. Hell is real. Experience your own harsh epiphany with Ken Sippillary.

PIAN Wed. 19 @ 8:30p; Th 20 @ 4:00p; Fri. 21 @ mid; Sun. 23 @ 2:00p; Mon. 24 @ 10:45p; Wed. 26 @ 5:45p; Fri. 28 @ 9:30p


Kidnap Girl, Tribeca Lab - New York NY

A Superheroine saves an innocent optometrist from the evil Johnny Carnival and his hideous and sexually overcharged sideshow freaks, Rooster Tail Louie and Naughty Natasha.Sexual hijincks, dancing, puppetry are all this Nick Colt original rock 'n' roll musical, featuring The Burlesque Troubadors.

COLL Wed. 19 @ 11:15p; Th 20 @ 7:45p; Sat. 22 @ 8:30p; Sun. 23 @ Noon & 10:30p; Tues. 25 @ 9:15p


Last Train to Nibroc, The Journey Company - New York NY Drama

Wri. Arlene Hutton

Two young idealists meet on a cross-country train ride in 1940. Will love survive the Appalachian home front in WWII? A funny, tender romance by New Dramatists member Arlene Hutton, author of last year's FringeNYC hit I Dream Before I Take the Stand.

RECI Wed. 19 @ 7:30p; Tues. 25; 4:15p; Wed. 26 @ 10:15p; Th 27 @ 11:00p; Sat. 29 @ 8:30p; Sun. 30 @ noon


Latin Latitude, Wimauma FL Comedy, Solo

Wri. & Perf. Alberto Burgos

Latin Latitude,written and performed by Florida artist Alberto Burgos is a Mind Bending, Belly Aching, Heart Stunning solo show. His fierce and funny characters will leave you exhausted and wishing you had a rewind button.

SURF Wed. 19 @ 4:15p; Th 20 @ 10:15p; Fri. 21 @ 11:30p; Sat. 22 @ 4:15p; Sun. 23 @ 3:15p; Mon. 24 @ 9:15p; Wed. 26 @ 6:30p; Fri. 28 @ 6:45p


Lear's Daughters, North Star Productions - Queens NY Drama, Avant -Garde, Multi -Media

Get all the royal dirt in this retelling of the troubled childhoods of the most famous sisters in Shakespeare. This mixed media production blends storytelling, drama and farce on a journey to the showdown with Daddy.

RECI Fri. 21 @ 6:00p; Sat. 22 @ 8:45p; Sun. 23 @ 2:30p; Wed. 26 @ 8:00p; Th 27 @ 8:45p; Fri. 28 @ 4:15p; Sat. 29 @ 4:15p


Licking the Bowl, American Dog Theater Co., Inc. - New Orleans. LA Comedy

Music Jacques Duffourc, Wri. Barret O'Brien

American Dog presents the East Coast premiere of Licking the Bowl, a funk-rock musical by Barret O'Brien. An eclectic mix of theater, music, and street performance, Licking the Bowl follows six young artists who lock themselves in a warehouse in protest of corporate America.

THEA Wed. 19 @ 4:00p; Fri. 21 @ 9:15p; Sat. 22 @ 1:30p; Sun. 23 @ 9:45p; Wed. 26 @ 4:00p; Th 27 @ 8:45p; Sun. 30 @ 3:00p


Light Bulbs, Monster Productions - Tri State Comedy, Multi-Media Wri. & Dir. Karen Quah

Rena is dangerous. She sings in a band called light bulbs. They think she is dangerous. So do their parents. What a coincidence ... Rena is going out of her mind. She's uncontrollable. She's out to get us all. Watch her perform at your own expense...

COLL Wed. 19 @ 4:00p; Th 20 @ 9:30p; Fri. 21 @ 8:00p; Sat. 22 @ 4:00p; Tues. 25 @ 7:30p; Thu 27 @ 6:00p; Fri. 28 @ mid; Sun. 30 @ 4:00p


Little Red, Erica Ruhl - Brooklyn NY Drama, Dance, Avant-Garde

Wri. Linell Hanover, Dir. Erica Ruhl

Sometimes little girls just disappear. It happens everyday. Along highways and in backwoods... why did she talk to that stranger, why did she get into that truck.

KRAI Th 20 @ 4:00p; Fri. 21 @ 10:45p; Sun. 23 @ 9:15p; Mon. 24 @ 5:15p; Wed. 26 @ 10:30; Th 27 @ 7:15p; Fri. 28 @ mid; Sun. 30 @ noon


Lizzie Borden's Tempest, The Sideway Theatre Company - New York NY Drama, Comedy

Dir. & Wri. Brendan Byrnes

The Sideway Theatre Company presents a new play by Brendan Byrnes about Lizzie Borden, the infamous suspect of the 1982 brutal axe murders of her father and step-mother. As Lizzie reads the role of Miranda in The Tempest with her local thetare club, Shakespeare's storm resurrects and reunites the Borden Family.

CONN Wed. 19 @ 11:15p; Th 20 @ 9:30p; Sat. 22 @ 8:30p; Mon. 24 @ 9:45p; Th 27 @ 11:00p; Fri. 28 @ 11:15p; Sat. 29 @ 8:00p


Lola Montez in Bavaria, The Hotel Savant - New York NY Dance, Avant-Garde, Musical

Wri. & Dir. John Jahnke

In a garden over-populated by satyrs, Lola Montez celebrates the birthday of Ludwig II, the future "Mad King" of Bavaria, and her domination of the current monarch, Ludwig I. This strange musical vaudeville chronicles the events leading to the expulsion of the infamous nineteenth century dancer from the country, and the gailing effect of her myth-making exploits.

UNIV Wed. 19 @ 9:30p; Th 20 @ 4:15p; Sat. 22 @ 9:30p; Sun. 23 @ 7:15p; Wed. 26 @ 5:30p; Sat. 29 @ 4:00p


Los Siete Contra Tebas, The TEBA Group - Brooklyn NY Avant-Garde, Classical Performed in Spanish

A Spanish version of Seven Against Thebes adapted to Latin American reality. The endless obsession for ambition and power faces two brothers in controlling the freedom of a nation.

EXPE Sat. 22 @ 2:15p; Mon. 24 @ 5:30p; Tues. 25 @ 8:45p; Wed. 26 @ 4:15p; Th 27 @ 6:00p; Fri. 28 @ 8:15p; Sat. 29 @ 12:15p


Mail Order Bride & Other Oriental Take-aways, ACTION Theatre - Singapore

Asia's first and only production at FringeNYC takes a biting look at mail-order matchmaking - through the eyes of a Thai prostitute, Filipina housemaid, China bride and Sarong Party Girl. "Energetic! Kept audience glued from start to poignant finish." Business Times.

HARR Wed. 19 @ 5:30p; Th 20 @ 10:30p; Fri. 21 @ 10:00p; Sat. 22 @ 3:00p; Sun. 23 @ 7:00p; Mon. 24 @ 4:00p


Make Me Hotta, Lysistrata!, Jungle Jim Ensemble - New York NY Drama, Comedy

Dir. Kevin Davis

Can't wait to screw your lover's brains out? Think again Pal. Jungle Jim Ensemble's latest creation milks Aristophanes' lust factor, giving the audience an equal dose of girl-power! Don't miss this "darn good evening" of Ultimate Arousal!

HARR Wed. 19 @ 8:00p; Th 20 @ 4:00p; Sun. 23 @ 2:30p; Wed. 26 @ 7:15p; Fri. 28 @ 4:15p; Sat. 29 @ 8:45p; Sun. 30 @ noon


Marriage, American Russian Cultural Foundation - Brooklyn NY Drama, Classical, TENE

While some people resist their destiny and others submit, we have no control over our fate. An original translation and adaptation of Gogol's play about the failures of the institution of marriage, loneliness, sexual incompetence and the fragility of love.

THEA Wed. 19 @ 9:00p; Fri. 21 @ 3:30p; Sat. 22 @ 3:45p; Mon. 24 @ 5:45p; Fri. 28 @ 9:45p; Sun. 30 @ noon


Martini Ceremony, Saratoga International Theatre Institute Drama, Avant -Garde, Performance Art

Martini, monarch of cocktails, flows out of myth giving crisp definition and lulling smoothness to tired America. "Martini Ceremony" mixes the legends and history of this secular holy grail, serving up ritual formalism to an age bereft of meaning. Profundities float, like olives, in our drinks. Come, be shaken and stirred.

MAZE Wed. 19 @ 8:15p; Th 20 @ 5:00p; Sun. 23 @ 4:15p; Mon. 24 @ 9:45p; Tues. 25 @ 5:00p; Wed. 26 @ 11:30p; Th 27 @ 7:15p


Medeamaterial, Dastaan Drama Circle & Compagnie Fin de Siecle - International Avant-Garde, Multi-Media, Classical

Dir. Ibrahim Quraishi, Wri. Heiner Muller

Come witness this spectacular event as director Ibrahim Quaraishi brings the "traditional" Medea, where bitch meets saint, whore meets Freud, Allah with Mary, the id with its pit. Where Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist traumas all collide and turn into an ever incessant combustion free for all. Conception by Shahzia Sikander and Ibrahim Quraishi. Art photography by Karl von Forster. Music composed by Philippe Hersant.

COLL Mon. 24 @ 7:45p; Tues. 25 @ 5:45p; Wed. 26 @ 4:00p; Th 27 @ 9:45p; Fri. 28 @ 8:15p; Sat. 29 @ 4:30p; Sun. 30 @ noon


Misshapen Jack the Nebraska Hunchback, Mountebanks - Brooklyn New York Comedy, Performance Art, Solo

Mountebanks, New York's retro-garde performing arts organization, presents top-hatted Thespian iconoclast Trav S.D in Misshapen Jack, the Nebraskan Hunchback. Part Mad Magazine, part Shakespearean soliloquy, part Hitler radio speech, the piece is a 45-minute rant from the P.O.V. of an insane bigot, featuring ham acting, original pop songs and a magic lantern presentation.

SURF Wed. 19 @ 10:15p; Th 20 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 7:00p; Sun. 23 @ 5:00p; Mon. 24 @ 7:45p; Tues. 25 @ 6:30p; Wed. 26 @ mid; Fri. 28 @ 8:30p


Mortal Decisions: A Diary of the Donner Party, New York NY Drama, Solo

Wri. & Performed Stu Richel

It was to be a pleasure trip, as the wagons headed west. But reality intervened ... bad choices, marginal skills, liars for consultants. Join a courageous survivor, as he looks back. You will laugh, cringe ... and be forever changed by this inspirational, American drama.

RECI Th 20 @ 9:45p; Fri. 21 @ 8:15p; Sat. 22 @ 12:15p; Sun. 23 @ 5:15p; Mon. 24 @ 4:00p; Fri. 28 @ 6:30p; Sun. 30 @ 2:15p


Mr. Raisin Head & Other Delights, Erika Batdorf - Quincy MA Drama, Comedy, Solo

Cre. & Perf. Erika Batdorf

A comic monologue told by a lascivious bachelor stuck in his bathroom mirror. Searching for his true self, he marries a beet after meeting Purity and Justice @ a fundraiser. His love for water and an encounter with Trustworthiness trigger his ultimate transformation.

TENE Wed. 19 @ 4:00p; Fri. 21 @ 7:30p; Sat. 22 @ 4:15p; Mon. 24 @ 6:00p; Tues. 25 @ 8:00p;Th 27 @ 8:15p; Sat. 29 @ 4:00p; Sat. 30 @ 5:15p


My Body Twitches, Joyce S. Lim - Astoria NY Drama, Multi-Media, Solo

A multi-media performance work by Joyce S. Lim centered around elemental imagery of the human body. Video technology, props, prints, sound and movement are integrated to produce a surreal world where water flows freely and fire can consume you.

UNIV Wed. 19 @ 4:15p; Th 20 @ 8:00p; Fri. 21 @ 9:15; Sat. 22 @ 12:30p


New York, New York, UCSD MFA Program - San Diego CA Comedy

Two savagely comic morality fables set in a city where morality is an open question. From lessons in cruel etiquette at society parties to schemes hatched over soup dumplings in Chinatown, the plays traces the downfall of two people who live in the same city but different worlds.

CONT Wed. 19 @ 10:30p;Sa 22 @ 5:30p; Sun. 23 @ 7:45p; Mon. 24 @ 9:45p; Wed. 26 @ 4:45p; Fri. 28 @ 7:00p


Nightwatch, Cynthia Croot - New York NY Drama, TENE

Heteroculture got you down? Join the fringe-dwellers of 1920 love and longing, told by lesbian obsessives, circus performers, transvestite abortionists, and faux aristocrats. Nightwatch is inspired by the cult classic Nightwood by Djuna Barnes.

TENE Wed. 19 @ 6:15p; Th 20 @ 11:30p; Sat. 22 @ 7:00p; Sun. 23 @ 12:30p; Tues. 25 @ 10:15p


Once Vaudeville, Lone Wolf Tribe - Philadelphia PA Drama, Comedy, Puppetry

Perf. Kevin Augustine

Clowns. Afraid? Finally! Solo theatre that is raw and invigorating, immediate and completely unique! A virtuoso performance of a psychological and emotional depth unmatched in its imaginative originality. Featuring larger-than-life-sized puppets with ambition, lost love, knives, and yes, a rather scary clown.

STUD Sun. 23 @ 4:15; Mon. 24 @ 4:00p; Tues. 25 @ 8:00p; Wed. 26 @ 11:15p; Th 27 @ 5:30p; Sat. 29 @ 9:00p; Sun. 30 @ 12:45


One For The Road, The August Group - Brooklyn NY Drama

Wri. Harold Pinter

The August Group is a collection of alumni from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) who have formed a partnership to foster theatre through our collective training experiences. We are presenting Harold Pinter's One For The Road, a one act play written in 1984 as a response to the complacency he experienced with the subject of political torture.

HOUS Wed. 19 @ 6:00p; Th 20 @ 11:30p; Fri. 21 @ 8:00p; Sun. 23 @ noon; Wed. 26 @ 8:00p; Th 27 @ 9:30p; Fri. 28 @ 6:30p


Penitentiary of Love, R&B Productions - Toronto Canada Clowning

Dir. Michael Kennard,

Wri. & Perf. Jason Thompson & Christian Laurin

A psychiatrist and his subject are trapped in an emotional web; can they escape the torments of life...? By experimenting with fantasies, relationships, life regression, fear, pleasure and pain, Bob and Rutagagan try to break free from the Penitentiary of Love.

EXPE Th 20 @ 7:30p; ri 21 @ 6:00p; Sat. 22 @ 9:00p; Tues. 25 @ 4:00p; Wed. 26 @ 10:15; Fri. 28 @ 10:15; Sun. 30 at11:30p


Photographing Women, The Juggernaut Theatre Co. - New York NY Drama, Comedy, Avant-Garde

Wri. Cathy Caplan

This year the "1997 Best of the Fringe Festival Award for Excellence in Originality" Juggernaut Theatre Company presents another original performance piece centered around women photographers in Germany in the '30s with real time computer simulation of large format photography.

COLL Wed. 19 @ 7:30p; Th 20 @ 4:00p; Fri. 21 @ 6:30p; Sat. 22 @ 10:15p and 11:45p; Sun. 23 @ 8:45p; Mon. 24 @ 6:00p; Wed. 26 @ 10:15p


Pied Piper, Night & Day Productions - New York NY Dance, Musical

Dir. Elisa Miller

Night & Day Productions presents Pied Piper, a frightening and exhilarating musical/dance theatre extravaganza based on the beloved Robert Browning poem. This intriguing tale of betrayal and political corruption will thrill and inspire audiences of all ages.

CONT Wed. 19 @ 4:00; Th 20 @ 5:15p; Sat. 22 @ 1:45p; Sun. 23 @ 12:15 and 3:15p; Tues. 25 @ 3:30p; Th 27 @ 2:45p; Fri. 28 @ 3:45p; Sat. 29 @ 3:30p


Planet of Three People, Spiral Works Theatre - New York NY Drama, Comedy, Performance Art

Dir. Jennifer M. Ortega, Wri. Piia Mustamaki

Welcome to the postmodern planet where Beckett meets Ed Wood. Characters are lost in a world of individualism guided only by a haunting voice. A thought provoking sci-fi world of sleezy music, mime and dance acts where roles are literally tags on your chest.

NADA Th 20 @ 11:30p; Sun. 23 @ 6:45p; Mon. 24 @ 9:30p; Tues. 25 @ 6:00p; Fri. 28 @ 7:00p; Sat. 29 @ 2:30p; Sun. 30 @ 6:00p


Prophet Motive, The 1998 Community Show - New York NY Musical, Vaudeville Dir. Diane Paulus & Randy Weiner,

Created by Project 400 Theater Group

Artists and neighbors join forces to create a musical vaudeville inspired by the eternal battle between the spirit and the almighty buck. Featuring members of the Alliance Stage Company.

MAZE Wed. 19 @ 6:30p; Th 20 @ 6:30p; Wed. 26 @ 6:30p; Sun. 30 @ 6:30p


The Prometheus Excerpts (Part Three), Lake Ivan Performance Group - New York, NY Avant-Garde, Performance Art

Dir. David Finkelstein

Shelley's ritual of revolution reimagined from the inside out, in which a clamor of intuitive voices are unleashed, some visionary, some ironically humorous, within a visually sumptuous theatrical dreamscape.

THEA Th 20 @ 6:00p; Fri. 21 @ 11:30p; Sat. 22 @ 9:45p; Mon. 24 @ 4:00p; Wed. 26 @ 11:00p; Th 27 @ 7:00p; Sat. 29 @ 12:15p


Puntila and his Servant, Matti (a people's play), deep ellum ensemble - New York NY Comedy

Dir. & Tran. Matthew Earnest, Wri. Bertolt Brecht

The newest work by the wily deep ellum ensemble stirs up the American silent film, ancient Finnish folksongs, southeast Asian puppetry and their own East Texas storytellin' for a centennial production of Brecht's comedy about a drunk Finnish landowner and his chauffer.

MAZE Th 20 @ 8:15p; Fri. 21 @ 3:00p; Sun. 23 @ 12:30p; Tues. 25 @ 9:30p; Th 27 @ 8:45p; Sun. 30 @ 2:00p


Quake, Hillsborough Moving Company - New York NY Dark Comedy Wri. Melanie Marnich, Dir. Val Day

Quake is a rapid-fire dark comedy about a woman's obsessions with a female serial killer and love (but not necessarily in that order). Lucy (Lisa Powers) embarks on an odyssey of cosmic proportions in her search for a perfect love.

NADA Th 20 @ 7:45p; Fri. 21 @ 9:15p; Sat. 22 @ 11:00p; Sun. 23 @ noon; Mon. 24 @ 11:00p; Wed. 26 @ 5:15p; Fri. 28 @ 8:45p


Quartet, Open Theatre/T.U.T.A - Washington DC TENE

Dir. Zeljko Djukic,Wri. Heiner Muller,Tran. Carl Weber

Founded by Joe Martin in 1988, it has created widely diverse work: ranging from extreme stylization to ritualized performance to theatrical anarchy. Quartet portrays the irrepressible aristocrats from "Les Laisons Dangereuses", Valmont and Merteuil, reenacting their ÒlibertineÓ conquests in an existential Hell.

HOUS Wed. 19 @ 4:00p; Th 20 @ 8:00p; Fri. 21 @ 6:00p; Sat. 22 @ 7:00p; Sun. 23 @ 1:45p


Roadkill, Correa - New York NY Comedy

Wri. Stephanie Correa

In the war of the sexes some people get hurt, and some people get squashed. Violent harmon's about to get even..... Roadkill - A comedy with clout.

NADA Wed. 19 @ 9:00p; Fri. 21 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 3:15p; Sun. 23 @ 2:00p;

Tu 25 @ 11:15p; Th 27 @ 5:30p; Sat. 29 @ 10:15p


Roundheads and Peakheads, The Brecht Centennial - Portland OR Drama, Comedy

Dir. Leland Patton, Wri. Bertolt Brecht

Czuchs. Czichs. Sexual manipulation. Rascists. Economic oppression. Measure for Measure. Epic drama. The Alienation Effect. Boxing. A Song and Dance #. A Whore. A Nun. A Fascist. A Potentate. Birthday cake. Yahoo.

STUD Wed. 19 @ 5:45p; Th 20 @ 3:30p; Sat. 22 @ 11:00p; Sun. 23 @ 2:00p; Tues. 25 @ 3:30p; Wed. 26 @ 6:45p; Th 27 @ 7:45p


Rum and Vodka, Naked in the Wings - Toronto Canada Drama, Comedy, Solo

Dir. Ed Sahely, Wri. Conor McPherson

From Ireland's hottest young playwright comes the funny and brutally honest look @ 72 hours in the life of an everyman. "...an old-fashioned, hard-boiled yarn ... another nail-biter from this award-winning playwright." Sunday Times. North-American Premiere - Don't miss it!

RED Wed. 19 @ 9:00p; Fri. 21 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 3:15p; Sun. 23 @ 10:15p; Tues. 25 @ 11:15p; Thu 27 @ 5:45p; Sat. 29 @ 10:15p


Sabanas: an Erotic Escapade Through Life and Dreams, Cyborg Farm - New York Drama, Performance Art, TENE

Adp. Abel Cornejo

An erotic-neurotic, dream-like adaptation of Calderson's Life is a Dream. A spicy little drama that is bound to rip seams, spin eyeballs, and sexually arouse every chico/chica in the house. Foot fetishes, naked men, dancing techno-whores all wrapped up in a melodramatic tortilla!

KRAI Th 20 @ 7:45p; Sat. 22 @ 2:30p; Sun. 23 @ 7:30p; Mon. 24 @ 10:30p; Fri. 28 @ 8:15p; Sat. 29 @ 12:45p; Sun. 30 @ 3:45p


St. Rosita and the Francophone, Toolbox Productions - Brooklyn NY Comedy

Dir. Brad Rohrer, Wri. Jeremy Carr

See an original new comedy about a pint of Bass, a patron saint, and the language of love as Frankie and Baxter boldly attempt to finance their next couple of drinks. Come by for a round on St. Rosita!

NADA Wed. 19 @ 10:30p; Fri. 21 @ 11:00p; Sat. 22 @ 1:45p; Wed. 26 @ 11:00p; Th 27 @ 9:30p; Sat. 29 @ 7:00p; Sun. 30 @ 4:15


The Silence of Snow, Wax Factory - New York NY Drama, Poetry, TENE

Dir. Doris Mirescu

An original piece inspired by the mind of French writer Georges Bataille. It is a poetical fragmentation, a distortion of reality that opens the door to the beyond. A strange complexity of a non-linear time that talks about memory, sexuality and death. When the soul opens itself to the unknown...

HOUS Fri. 21 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 11:00p; Mon. 24 @ 8:00p; Wed. 26 @ 9:45p; Th 27 @ 5:45p; Sat. 29 @ 7:00p;


The Sleeping and the Dead, International Wow Company - New York NY Drama, Dance, TENE

Dir. Josh Fox

Wake up sleepers! Wake up NYC citizens! Die before you die! If you missed WOW Co's critically acclaimed "American Interference" (One of FringeNYC 97's Four Best - The Village Voice), don't let the thematic sequel "The Sleeping and the Dead" slip by!

HARR Th 20 @ 8:00p; Sat. 22 @ 10:30p; Sun. 23 @ noon; Tues. 25 @ 7:45p; Wed. 26 @ 9:45p; Fri. 28 @ 7:00p; Sat. 29 @ 2:00p; Sun. 30 @ 4:30p


So, I Killed a Few People, The Annoyance Theatre - Chicago IL Comedy, Solo

Dir. Gary Ruderman, Wri. & Dir. Gary Ruderman & David Summers

Archie is going to be electrocuted. He's okay with that. But he does have one last request ... his own one-man show! "It is a premise that any red-blooded media consumer should find irresistable ... an unassuming tour de force" San Fransisco Weekly. David Summers stars as convicted serial killer Archie Nunn.

PIAN Fri. 21 @ 6:00p; Sat. 22 @ 8:00p; Sun. 23 @ 11:00p; Mon. 24 @ 9:00p; Wed. 26 @ 4:00; Sat. 29 @ 2:00p; Sun. 30 @ Noon;

COLL Th 27 @ 11:15p; Fri. 28 @ 4:00p


Something Something Uber Alles, Purgatorio Ink Theater - New York NY Avant-Garde, Solo

Dir. David Cote, Wri. & Perf. Assurbanipal Babilla

A man who looks just like Hitler is abducted by a subterranean Fuhrer -worshipping cult to be their living god. Tour-de-force one-man show. A ferocious, scary, hilarious fantasia on religion and power that The Village Voice calls "diabolically intelligent."

KRAI Wed. 19 @ 5:30p; Fri. 21 @ 8:15p; Sat. 22 @ 4:15p; Tues. 25 @ 4:00p; Wed. 26 @ 8:00p; Sat. 29 @ 2:30p


Spy Speak Spy, Presented by Playwright Kathryn Walat - New York NY Drama, Comedy

Operation Closure. The day before graduation, Simone's on assignment. Her roommate's onto a Blockbuster conspiracy. The neighbor's got a Read Window. And Daddy and Kirk have gone Bond and Bogart in a spy fantasy to avoid accepting loss - and talking - about it.

RECI Wed. 19 @ 5:15p; Th 7:30p; Fri. 21 @ 10:00p; Sat. 22 @ 2:00p; Sun. 23 @ 7:30p; Wed. 26 @ 4:15p; Sat. 29 @ 2:15p


Stavrogin's Confession, The Storm Theatre - New York, NY Drama

Dir. Peter Dobbins, Wri. John Regis

Stavrogin's Confession is based on censured material from Dostoyevsky's Demons. A young nihilist "confesses" his lurid past. Does he seek regeneration or further outrage? Can a tragedy be avoided? A literary masterpiece is given an exciting new theatrical form.

RED Wed. 19 @ 7:15p; Fri. 21 @ 5:45p; Sat. 22 @ 5:00p; Tues. 25 @ 9:45p; Wed. 26 @ 11:00p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 8:30p


Still Lies Quiet Truth, Robert Allen - New York NY TENE, Multi-Media

Dir. Robert Allen, Adpt. Antoinette LaFarge

In a unique combination of staged theater and live Internet drama, this absurdist epic centers on a surreal election campaign: The naive young Candide is running for high office - but this opponent is none other that Baron Samedi, Lord of the DownUnderWorld.

COLL Wed. 19 @ 5:45p; Sat. 22 @ 2:15p; Sun. 23 @ 7:00p; Mon. 24 @ 11:30p; Tues. 25 @ 4:00p; Thu 27 @ 8:00p; Sat. 29 @ 9:00p


Stunt Man, Theater of Necessity - New York NY Drama, Comedy, Performance Art

Wri. & Dir. Rachel Krantz

His lover won't feed him. His best friend won't speak to him. What else can he do but take a flying leap? Spend an evening with an out-of-work actor, some french fries and a little sleight of hand. Lights, camera, heartbreak!

PIAN Th 20 @ 10:00p; Sat. 22 @ 4:30p; Mon. 24 @ 6:15p; Wed. 26 @ 9:45p; Th 27 @ 3:30p; Fir 28 @ 11:00p


Sweat Girls, Sweat Girls - Chicago IL Drama, Comedy

The Chicago-based Sweat Girls are an eight-woman writing-performing troupe known to be "brutally honest and dazzlingly hilarious." - Chicago Reader Come see their newest work along with highlights from their hits, "I'm Sweating Under My Breasts," "Sweat Dreams," and "Pigs @ the Trough of Attention."

PIAN Wed. 19 @ 4:00; Fri. 21 @ 7:45p; Sat. 22 @ noon; Sun. 23 @ 6:30; Tues. 25 @ 5:45p; Fri. 28 @ 3:00p; Sat. 29 @ 11:00p


Synchronized Swimming - The Dry Version, Ursus & Nadeschkin - Zurich Switzerland Dance, Performance Art,

With their unique style Ursus & Nadeschkin have become well known and highly appreciated all over Europe. Blending wordplay, dance, voice and acrobatic performance they combine powerfully in a series of sketches that are constantly evolving. You have to see them to understand what a show can be.

KRAI Wed. 26 @ 6:15p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Fri. 28 @ 10:00p; Sun. 30 @ 2:00p


Tales from the Brothers Grimm, Magic Circle Childrens Theatre - New York NY, Storytelling

Dir. Cassandra Johnson

Join the fun-filled, mad-cap adventures of a world-weary tailor, a singing hunter, a forest of magical dwarfs, princesses and dragons, a malicious goat, an evil inkeeper and three bold sons in the Magic Circle's Tales from the Brother's Grimm.

CONT Fri. 21 @ 4:00p; Sat. 22 @ 3:00; Sun. 23 @ 1:30p; Mon. 24 @ 3:45p; Tues. 25 @ 5:00p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Fri. 28 @ 5:15p; Sat. 29 @ 1:45p


Tales of a Bugged Out Black Chick, Crispy Critter Productions - New York, NY Comedy, Performance Art, Solo

Performed by Echo Allen

Crispy Critter Productions is insanely enthused to present "Tales of a Bugged Out Black Chick," where dressing in drag is the norm, being obese is sexy, and being an angry black militant woman is finally acceptable.

NADA Wed. 19 @ 5:30p; Fri. 21 @ 7:30p; Sat. 22 @ noon; Sun. 23 @ 4:00p; Tues. 25 @ 8:00p; Th 27 @ 11:00p; Sat. 29 @ 11:45p


Tenement Vaudeville, Parallel Exit - New York NY

Dir. Mark Lonergan

From the creator of "White/Noise/Jump" (Best In The Fringe Festival 97) and "Velo/City" ("Stomp in the accounting department" - Village Voice). A man discovers a floating hat. Vaudeville reinvented for the 21st century at Todo con Nada's Tenement Theater.

TENE Th 20 @ 6:30p; Sat. 22 @ 8:45p; Sun. 23 @ 10:30p; Mon. 24 @ 8:15p; Tues. 25 @ 4:30p; Wed. 26 @ 10:00p; Fri. 28 @ 11:30p; Sat. 29 @ 12:30p


The Third Degree of J.O. Breeze, Curious Theater Branch - Chicago IL Drama Comedy

Wri. Beau O'Reilly

A twisted, dwarfish J.O. Breeze, assisted by the typewriting brute, The Captain, are on the job. Career counseling or noir-ish espionage as J.O. questions, probes and provokes the hapless Horace and the defiant Doris - as they make for a place in the future of humankind.

SURF Th 20 @ 5:30p; Sat. 22 @ 8:30p; Tues. 25 @ 9:30p; Th 27 @ 8:00p; Fri. 28 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 6:15p; Sun. 30 @ 1:15p


Thrusting Through, Michelle Lee Adams/Christopher North Renquist - New York, NY Comedy, Drama, Performance Art

Audience participation influences each performance of this unique dance/live music concert. Dynamic collaborations by dancer, musician and door highlight perspectives about obstacles, containment, freedom, and the keys required for liberation - or "thrusting through." Actively experience and contribute your own thrust!

UNIV Fri. 21 @ 5:30; Sat. 22 @ 5:30p; Sun. 23 @ 3:30p, Mon. 24 @ 7:30p; Tues. 25 @ 9:00p,Th 27 @ 6:00p; Fri. 28 @ 8:30p


Ticket to Ride The Bridge Theatre Co. - Brooklyn, NY Drama

Wri. Owen Robertson, Dir. Dan Winnerman

Is true love truly cosmic? Tim unwillingly meets Addie and instantly falls in love. Before he knows what hit him, Addie confesses an extraterrestrial affair, and together the couple starts down a path he never would have believed existed.

EXPE Wed. 19 @ 9:15p; Fri. 21 @ 3:30p; Sat. 22 @ 6:30p; Sun. 23 @ noon; Mon. 24 @ 7:30p; Tues. 25 @ 6:15p; Sat. 29 @ 10:30p


Tragedy! Dream Yard Drama Project / Brooklyn Youth Theater - New York NY Drama

Dir. Paula Heitman & David Travis

Who killed Bobby on that balmy summer prom night in '78? Why won't Roxy's psycho step-mom Norma stop brushing Marcy's hair? 20 years later, Samantha discovers the sordid truth in this hilarious murder-mystery melodrama written and performed by inner-city teens. Co-directed by the director of last year's FringeNYC hit Grimm's Tales, Tragedy! is a tragicomic adventure for when you lose control and you've got no soul.

CONN Th 20 @ 4:30p; Fri. 21 @ 2:15p; Sat. 22 @ 3:00p; Sun. 23 @ 1:00p


Unemployed Superstar, Queen Esther - New York, NY Drama, Comedy, Solo

By seamlessly weaving together bits and pieces of stories characters and comM misnomers, Queen Esther deconstructs stereotypes in media and (sub)urban folklore about women of color by focusing on her life as an unemployed superstar.

PIAN Wed. 19 @ 10:15p; Fri. 21 @ 4:00p; Sun. 23 @ 3:45p; Tues. 25 @ 10:30p; Th 27 @ 8:30p; Fri. 28 @ 7:30p; Sat. 29 @ noon


Utopians, Orinoco - Brooklyn NY Drama, Storytelling

The Flying Machine, winner of last year's Best International Fringe Festival Award for Excellence in Theater, returns to FringeNYC with their latest creation, Utopians. The original tale of an imaginary metropolis on the verges of decay, where three forgotten lives merge as fate takes an unexpected turn...

THEA Wed. 19 @ 7:15p; Th 20 @ 11:00p; Fri. 21 @ 6:30p; Mon. 24 @ 8:45p; Th 27 @ 5:00; Fri. 28 @ 3:30p; Sat. 29 @ 7:00p


Various Get-Ups, MK Productions - New York NY Comedy

Wri. & Perf. Meg Martin & Katie Hare

With jobs that are ridiculous, parents who are out of touch and résumés of embarrassments too large to reproduce, two women valiantly attempt to conquer "responsible adulthood" and meet with little success.

TENE Th 20 @ 8:15p; Fri. 21 @ 9:45p; Sat. 22 @ 12:30p; Sun. 23 @ 8:45p; Wed. 26 @ 4:30p; Sat. 29 @ 2:15p; Sat. 29 @ 10:30p


Victory Garden, Pam Tanowitz's Open 24 Hours Dance Company - New York NY Dance

Dir. Pam Tanowitz, Comp. Dan Siegler

Known for its fresh and quirky style, Pam Tanowitz creates dances with a tangible atmosphere of chaos, contemplation, competition and lust. The performers push through space with sharp angular movements and encoded gestures. Inspired by traditional, social and ritual dances, Tanowitz deconstructs movement stereotypes until they are transformed into a new dance language.

UNIV Wed. 26 @ 9:30p; Fri. 28 @ 3:45p Sat. 29 @ 7:00p; Sun. 30 @ 2:00p


When Words Fail, Eponymous Theatre Co. - Tappan NY Drama

Dir. Kevin Kittle, Wri. Dave Dannenfelser

Created in the spirit of Joe Chaiken's Open Theatre, Eponymous Theatre presents a lyrical fantasy exploring love, art, perception, technology, pop culture, impulses, madness, death and croutons.

THEA Sun. 23 @ noon; Sun. 23 @ 7:30p; Tues. 25 @ 6:30p; Wed. 26 @ 8:45p; Th 27 @ 11:00p; Fri. 28 @ 7:30p; Sat. 29 @ 2:00p


A Woman Who Outshone the Sun, Urban Youth Theater - New York NY Drama

World Premiere of a play about a woman who brings the eternal flame of understanding to a community, when it is eclipsed by doubt. The play is inspired by the Zapotec legend of Lucia Zenteno and is written by Patricia Herrera together with members of Urban Youth Theater, directed by Gloria Zelaya, choreographed by Alicia Diaz. Puppets designed and constructed by Theresa Linnihan.

CONN Wed. 19 @ 5:00p; Fri. 21 @ 5:00p; Sat. 22 @ 1:30p; Sun. 23 @ 3:30p; Mon. 24 @ 3:30; Tues. 25 @ 5:00p; Wed. 26 @ 3:30p; Sat. 29 @ noon


Women of James Bond, Cleveland Wrecking Co. - New York NY

Dir. Kirsten Ames, Wri. Victor Verhaeghe

It's 5 years later... Natushy Box is a manicurist in Astoria; Pussy S'More is a telemarketer for Ginsu Knives; Clitty Litter is a radical-feminist-lesbian-vegetarian; and James is in an intimacy workshop for sex addicts. Where did it all go wrong?

HOUS Th 20 @ 10:00p; Sat. 22 @ 2:00p; Mon. 24 @ 10:00p; Tues. 25 @ 11:00p; Th 27 @ 4:00p; Fri. 28 @ 8:15p; Sat. 29 @ 4:00p


Zastrozzi, Theatre SKAM - Victoria Canada

Dir. Amiel Gladstone, Wri. George F. Walker

A darkly comic take on revenge, religion and the true nature of lust, led by the master criminal of all Europe. Known for their theatrical innovation (last year's Louis and Dave performed in a car) and use of unusual spaces, Theatre SKAM presents this swashbuckler of epic proportions by Canada's foremost playwright creating a mind-blowing, hysterically funny performance experience.

THEA Th 20 @ 7:45; Sat. 22 @ 11:30p; Sun. 23 @ 4:30p; Tues. 25 @ 4:00p; Sat. 29 @ 8:45p; Sun. 30 @ 5:15


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