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Paulanne Simmons

Suffott and Salamon Create another New York Adventure
This Time in the Village

"Accomplice: The Village"
Created by Tom Salamon and Betsy Salamon Suffott
Opened March 2007
Saturday 1-5 p.m. every half hour
Groups of 8 to 10
$55 accomplicethevillage.com or (212) 209-3370
Runs year round
Reviewed by Paulanne Simmons July 7, 2007.

"Accomplice: The Village" begins like any other tour of Greenwich Village…well, sort of. Yes, the tour guide is a bit unusual and she does make some atypical requests. But, even so, when the tour takes a strange twist, the participants are taken by surprise.

It wouldn't be fair to the brilliant producers of this unique theatrical experience, Tom Salamon and Betsy Salamon Suffott, or to the many potential happy souls who will hopefully go on this adventure, to reveal too many of the surprising twists and turns in this interactive detective story. People who have already participated in Salamon and Sufffot's first show (still running), "Accomplice: New York," will have some idea of what awaits them.

Suffice it to say "Accomplice: The Village" takes participants to some of the Village's best known restaurants and past its most beloved park, as well as historic buildings with interesting stories behind them. All to rescue a damsel in distress, find the stolen goods and prevent further disaster.

The mystery is finally solved with psychic help, a good deal of detective work and a bit of wizardry. There are keys to be found, messages to read, passwords to figure out. As participants make their way through the Village, they are refreshed several times at Village watering holes.

"Accomplice: The Village" participants go out in groups of eight. The process of working together initiates the kind of bonding between participants that makes group games so much fun. But, of course, many people may want to share the fun with their own friends, as well.

However you do it, "Accomplice: The Village" is a great way to show tourists New York City, revisit familiar places; have a great time with friends, family or total strangers; and have a totally unforgettable experience.


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