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Paulanne Simmons

Inter-ethnic Love at The Baruch Performing Arts Center

Directed by Renee Lynette Ferrara
The Baruch Performing Arts Center
55 Lexington Avenue (entrance on 25th St.)
Opened June 18, 2010
Schedule varies
Tickets: $34.50-$43.50 (212) 352-3101 or Theatermania.com, for reduced and group (20 or more) prices call (646) 312-4085
Closes Aug. 29, 2010
Reviewed by Paulanne Simmons July 9, 2010

Can a nice Italian boy (Tony) and a nice Jewish girl (Sarah), both from Brooklyn, find love and happiness despite her overbearing mother (who is determined to keep her daughter safe from gentiles) and his loud-mouthed best friend? According to playwright David Lamb, the answer is yes, but not until they've taken a bold stand against her manipulative mother and received sound advice from his wise father.

"FUHGEddABOUDIT" plays on just about every stereotype of Italian and Jewish culture beloved to New Yorkers. But director Renee Lynette Ferrara has so much fun with these characters that the young audience at whom much of the humor is aimed probably won't notice.

There's also an aspiring filmmaker who wants to remake "The Godfather" as "The Godmother," an overly ambitious would be Broadway choreographer and a sexy, but not very bright bombshell. They're all attending the same college and dealing with typical post-adolescent issues: finding a mate, getting good grades, planning their careers. They're all sassy and confident. Life awaits them.

"FUHGEddABOUDIT" has minimal sets and an abundance of scenes, which make it seem a lot like a vaudeville show. Its many one-liners and obvious "routines" only increase the impression. It also has a not quite perfect, under-rehearsed quality that is at times (but only at times) charming but may be lost when the show gets further into its run.

The show is performed by a rotating cast in which several actors alternate in principal parts. They appear most appropriately on the stage of The Baruch Performing Arts Center at Baruch College.

"FUHGEddABOUDIT" has extended its run through August 29. It should do well there, at least until the vacation is over.


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